Request Data

1 Table of Contents

2 Getting started

UConn EnergyStat is happy to share our data with Huskies and contribute to learning and research in related fields. On Request Data, you’ll find the data for a number of buildings on Storrs campus to conduct research, develop your own web or mobile applications, and design data visualizations.

All data are downloaded as a TSV file which can be opened using any spreadsheet application—e.g., Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet. We serve data in TSV files as some building names contain commas, which can potentially tamper with CSV formatting.

3 Monthly Data

  1. Choose MONTHLY DATA at the top. Select a service from ELECTRIC, CNG and NATURAL GAS. Choose Service Once a service is selected, the list of buildings will show up in the BUILDING field. Buildings

  2. START DATE and END DATE contain the available dates in YYYY-MM format. For obvious reasons, START DATE should not succeed END DATE, AND END DATE shouldn’t precede START DATE. Dates

  3. Clicking the BUILDING field will take you to a search bar on top of the list: Building autofocus

  4. Typing in a building name will filter out the unmatched items and return a refined list: Building filter

  5. Click on the DOWNLOAD button Monthly download

4 High frequency data

  1. Click on the HIGH FREQUENCY DATA tab. Select services from steam, chilled water and electric where multiple choice is available. Choose service from hf data

  2. Click on START DATE and END DATE to input the time period you require. Please notice that some buildings and services include missing data within the chosen period.
    Choose time period For example, we choose Feb 01, 2021 to Feb 10, 2021 from the bar.