EnergyStats User Manual

Monthly Dashboard

1 Contents in the Monthly Dashboard?

Figure 1.1 shows the high-level summary of the EnergyStats Monthly Dashboard which has mainly three Tabs

For details, click on the hyperlinks of each Tab.

Monthly Dashboard webpage manual

Figure 1.1: Monthly Dashboard webpage manual

1.1 Monthly Dashboard

  • To initialize, select the “Dashboard” tab on the top.
    Selecting the Dashboard tab

    Figure 1.2: Selecting the Dashboard tab

  • Select the “Service Tag”, and choose Electricity, CNG, or Natural Gas.
    Selecting the Service Tag

    Figure 1.3: Selecting the Service Tag

  • The default is set to without Flagged accounts. However, toggle on the “Flagged Only” option to view the Flagged Meters within the selected Service Tag.
    Flagged account on/off option

    Figure 1.4: Flagged account on/off option

  • Next, choose the desired Meter (as shown in the red marked box).
    Choosing meter

    Figure 1.5: Choosing meter

  • For illustration, we choose the account “1044 Northwood Apartments, Bldg 9 (51015724032-ELE01)”. This will display the time plot of the selected Service Tag and Meter. We can download the figure by clicking the red marked area.
    Visualization and download option of the time plot

    Figure 1.6: Visualization and download option of the time plot

  • We can zoom in or zoom out by moving the left or right handle in the slider at the bottom.